Visual inspecting the suspension and steering system.

KJX and C-PD series is a Hydraulic play detector used for inspecting the suspension system and steering system's Joint Play condition in a vehicle chassis. The play detector is made by three parts: he solution is also presented with a number of interesting features 6 Movements, 8 Movements, Double Axle, (with handheld remote wireless & torch), Programmable auto parking/centering (option).


  • Single control of test plates
  • Hydraulically operated test plates
  • Plate movement in counter direction (6 ways) and (8 ways)
  • Material coatink corundum or asphalt or Boardes
  • Check of: axle suspension, axle stub, wheel bearing, tie-rod ends, stabiliser, trolley pivot, twin-axle suspension, trailer coupling device
  • Easy and convenient operation owing to single-touch mode
  • Automatic or manual operation at choice
  • Automatic centering after testing simulation (C-PD)
  • Hydraulic, unit and control cabinet
  • Radio remote control with LED lamp
  • Test lamp with long-life LEDs
  • Keypad with oil- and petro-resistant foil


The Play detector for vehicles over 3,5 up to 20t for commercial vehicles manufactured in-house by us is designed for installation at ground level in the workshop floor and is equipped with galvanised drive-up ramps. The universal controller operates 3 different control programs with 8 movement directions. This enables an accurate visual assessment of wear in the following areas: Steering joint, wheel bearings, axle mounting, steering system, suspension, tie rod ends, stabilisers, engine mounting, wheel mounting and kingpins.


Technical Data

No Desciption KJX-10/C-PD52 KJX-15/C-PD72 KJX-18/C-PD82
1 Plate dimensions 100x75cm / 75x90x1.2cm 100x70cm / 75x90x1.4cm 100x75cm / 75x90x1.6cm
2 Maximum displacement of plate 100mm x 150mm 100mm x 150mm 100mm x 150mm
3 Maximum axle load Up to 13t/16t Up to 15t/18t Up to 18t/20t
4 Max.displacement force of platen 23kN / 30kN 30kN / 30kN 43kN / 30kN
5 Control Individually / Multi Individually / Multi Individually / Multi
6 Power Supply To Control Unit AC 220V/3ph,380V, 50Hz, ground AC 220V/3ph,380V, 50Hz, ground AC 220V/3ph,380V, 50Hz, ground