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Axle Play Detector

Cosber Play Detector
Axle Play Detector

Axle Play Detector

The COSBER Axle play detector are an extremely robust and easy to use play detector. The low maintenance mechanics design guarantees a long service life time. The one hand operation mode allows a smooth detection of defects, wears and tears on steering parts, wheel bearings, spring systems and suspension. Additionally, the COSBER axle play detector follows the newest standard in the European Union Directive 2014/45/EU

KJX and C-PD series is a Hydraulic play detector used for inspecting the suspension system and steering system's Joint Play condition in a vehicle chassis. The play detector is made by three parts: the solution is also presented with a number of interesting features 6 Movements, 8 Movements, Double Axle, (with handheld remote wireless & torch), Programmable Auto Parking/Centering (option).

Features :

  1. Single control of test plates
  2. Hydraulically operated test plates
  3. Plate movement in counter direction (6 ways) and (8 ways)
  4. Material coatink corundum or asphalt or Boardes
  5. Check of: axle suspension, axle stub, wheel bearing, tie-rod ends, stabiliser, trolley pivot, twin-axle suspension, trailer coupling device
  6. Easy and convenient operation owing to single-touch mode
  7. Automatic or manual operation at choice
  8. Automatic centering after testing simulation (C-PD)
  9. Hydraulic, unit and control cabinet
  10. Radio remote control with LED lamp
  11. Test lamp with long-life LEDs
  12. Keypad with oil- and petro-resistant foil
Joint Play Detector

Optional Accessories :

  1. Foundation tube for basic foundations
  2. Foundation tube for Head light testing places
  3. Hydraulic lines
  4. Neon lights for lighting

Specification :

Joint Play Detector

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