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Automatic parking bars are usually found in crowded parking lots, such as for parking systems in shopping centers, office buildings, apartment buildings, hotels, and so on. The automatic parking barrier will open if the driver takes a ticket by pressing the button provided so that long queues of vehicles do not occur because the way the parking barrier works is faster than the barrier that is opened and closed manually.

Besides that, using an automatic parking barrier is also safer because each vehicle has a parking ticket that must be shown to the officer when leaving the parking lot.

Used for areas with controlled access

Automatic parking barriers are generally installed in areas with limited access, meaning that the parking area cannot be used by just anyone. Entering vehicles will press the button from the dispenser machine at the entrance, then a parking ticket will be issued and simultaneously the parking door will automatically open. This aims to entrust the mandatory vehicle test to follow the queue better.

There are several types of automatic parking bars in use today. The most commonly used for shopping centers, apartments, public facility buildings, and so on is the parking barrier which is controlled by using a button.

Elements in the automatic parking barrier gate system

At the entrance, a ticket printing machine or ticket dispenser is required that is connected to a computer system. In this machine, the driver who will enter presses the print ticket button then the ticket will be issued automatically and must be stored until the vehicle leaves the parking area.

Then after the ticket button is pressed, the machine will give an order to the parking barrier to open. A metal detector is attached to the parking barrier where as long as metal (your vehicle) can be detected, the barrier will not close.

Then at the entrance to the parking barrier there is also usually a CCTV camera to record the vehicle and the vehicle's license plate number. As for the exit, the elements are almost the same, only the ticket dispenser is replaced with a box operator or parking attendant.

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