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Center Tech Sound Level Meter
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Company Brief

CENTER Technology is a professional manufacturer of handheld test instruments since its establishment in 1998. Our department leaders have been in this industry for more than 30 years and most of them had been working together for a long time. They filled up the gaps among company management, production and product design, and have successfully formed a strong team.

Center products are distributor to all over the world in our own brand, but we also welcome OEM and ODM businesses. About 95% of sales are exported worldwide, only 5% of sales are in domestic market.

At present, our products are mainly focused on industrial testing meters and environmental monitoring instruments. These include digital multimeter, clamp meters, insulation testers, thermocouple/infrared/RTD thermometers, sound level meters, light meters, and gas leakage detectors.

Centertek Sound Level Meter

All of our products are user friendly, equipped with advanced functionalities, long time durability and complied with the safety regulations. Most of our products have PC interface and windows-based software to fulfill the needs of advanced applications.

After these years since the company established, our products and services have earned excellent reputation from our customers across various industries. In the future, our goal is to continuously provide the customers not only more innovative, higher accuracy, and better quality products, but also excellent customer services and supports.

New CENTER 324 Sound Measuring Recording System

Center 324 Recording System

We are very glad to announce our new model — When the user is using sound level datalogger, they always confront the same problem “even though the sound level data in a period of time had been collected but no one can be certain of the source of these data”. This makes our new sound level datalogger CENTER 324 be a helpful product. This data logger can collect the sound level data and it can record the actual sound and we can even provide a PC software to synchronize these data on an integrated interface. So, the operator can check each peak in the data and find out the source of it.

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