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Tool Cabinet

Cosber Workshop Equipment

Cosber, is continuously committed to developing its business in the repair and testing of motorized vehicles, all solely to increase the level of safety in driving.

A Cosber company that is committed to customer satisfaction by prioritizing service and quality work on the safety of motor vehicle testing equipment based on professionalism.

To adapt workshop equipment to suit individual workshop processes and requirements, all components must be compatible and individually configurable. Cabinets and shelving should be available in standard dimensions, grid systems and colours for a homogeneous appearance and optimal orientation internally. In this way, a well conceived workshop equipment solution such as the Cosber Toolkits system automatically contributes to better organisation and efficiency in the workshop.

Workshop Equipment :

  1. Tool Cabinet
  2. Tyre Changer
  3. 3D Wheel Aligner
  4. Wheel Balancer
  5. Hydraulic lifter
Exhibition Cosber Workshop Equipment

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Kayumanis-AMD28, Condet


+62 21 8015501

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