Roller Brake Tester Medium

Cosber Brake Tester
Roller Brake Tester Light Duty

Roller Brake Tester Light Duty

Roller brake testers are designed and used to inspect braking forces and evaluate the effectiveness of parking andworking brakes.

C-BTC model C-BTC 2x & C-BTC 3x names a complete series of different brake testers for passenger cars and light trucks which follows the guidelines of car manufacturers and test organizations.

This range of products allows plenty of combinations to meet the customer demands. Additional it is prepared for an extension to a complete test lane.

Designed by German engineering, equipped with German motors and German sensors.

Accessories like 4WD, drive out support, radio remote control and more are available.

Features :

  1. High efficiency due to automatic test procedure
  2. Quick detection of all brake measurement data
  3. Guided information showed on the display
  4. Hot-dipped galvanized roller set frame
  5. Test speed 5,1km/h
  6. Test load up to 4t
  7. Electromagnetic motor brake as drive out support (as option)
  8. Roller cover plates (as option)
  9. Motorcycle cover plates (as option)
  10. Column or swivel arm mounted analog display (LED) (as option)
  11. 4 Wheel-Drive-Kit (as option)
  12. Extendable to test lane
  13. Robust radio remote control (as option)
  14. Roller driven-out program (air-lifter/motorlock system) (as option)
  15. Fits into all common foundations (for replacement business)
  16. Ground, column or wall mounted control box
  17. Standard RS-232 & LAN communication port

Indicator display :

  1. Brake Force
  2. Operating mode: Manual, Automatic, 4x4
  3. User guide
  4. Weight in kg (if weight sensors included)
  5. Digital difference displayed in % at LED display
  6. Road adhesion % for suspension tester
  7. Difference for side slip tester in m/km
  8. Status lights for different operating modes

Optional Accessories :

  1. Assembly frame
  2. Assembly case
  3. 4x4 manual & automatic
  4. Remote control
  5. Pedal force sensor (radio version)
  6. Pedal force sensor (cable version)
  7. 4-point-weighing system
  8. PC connection with PC visualization (standard car software)
  9. Swiveling roller cover plates (set)
  10. Motorcycle cover plate
  11. Post for analog display or control box
  12. Moveable PC trolley (empty) for customer PC
  13. Universal mounting kit - height compensation for pits up to 30mm


  1. Remote control
  2. Control box for Electric
  3. Stand Control Box/Indicator

Specification :

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