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Window Tint Meter

Window Tint Meter

AutoLight® is a Light Transmission Meter (tester) that measures the level of light transmittance through a tinted window to determine its safety level.

Window tinting can diminish driver vision through vehicle windows. This compromises the safety of driver and their passengers. Safety is jeopardised when approaching vehicles with dark, non-regulatory approved window tinting. The internal space of the vehicle and its passenger’s movements are not clearly visible.

NEW AutoLight® MAGNETIC is a Light Transmission Meter that measures the level of light transmittance through a tinted window to determine its safety level.

Our new AutoLight® MAGNETIC has magnets so you can test hands free! Making it possible for a single operator to take a photo of the results without dropping the AutoLight®. This is the fastest tint tester on the market, which gives accurate results with a single button operation.

How does AUTOLIGHT™Plus work?

The light transmission meter consists of a light sensor built into the body of the instrument, a precision light source and a LCD display.

  1. STEP 1: Align AUTOLIGHT™ to the side of the test window or windscreen so that the light source and light sensor overlap.
  2. STEP 2: After aligning AUTOLIGHT™, press the measurement button to take a reading of the light transmitted through the window.
  3. STEP 3: After the test is completed, the display window shows the percentage of light transmitted through the window

Features :

  1. Easy to operate by aligning two reader tubes
  2. Simple one button operation
  3. Can be used for side windows or windscreens
  4. Calculates the percentage of light transmitted through windows
  5. PC download capability through IRDA interface
  6. Compliant with ISO 3538:1997
  7. Stores last 10 test to memory
  8. Automatic start function

AutoLight® is an essential tool to assist law enforcement agencies, testing authorities and anyone involved in fleet safety management to help ensure vehicles are compliant and safe.

What is a Light Transmittance Meter?

A light transmittance meter is used for measure percentage of light transmitted through transparent material. In terms of automotive roadworthy, a light transmittance meter measures the darkness of window tint on a car’s windows and windscreen. This product is also know as a window tint meter, or window tint tester.

Want more from a window tint tester?

  1. See AutoLight Plus®. AutoLight Plus has all the features of AutoLight and also enables you to store up to 20 test results, and transmit results wirelessly via Bluetooth for download.
  2. AutoLight® PLUS integrates with the WorkshopPro® tablet with an optional, sophisticated software app. This means that multiple tests can be stored and printed if needed.

Specification :

  1. Monitoring: Spectral sensitivity conforming to photopic curve V (λ) of relative illuminous efficiency of the CIE 1931 standard observer for photopic vision Compliant with ISO 3538:1997
  2. Output:2856°K ± 50°K, conforming to CIE illuminant A Lamp voltage stabilisted within ±0.1%;
  3. Display: LED readout 0 - 100%; linear from 20 - 100%; ±3%;
  4. Lightweight (350g)
  5. Lightweight (450g) Magnetic Model
  6. Power Source: 2 x MN 1604 batteries (9 volt)
  7. Compact (190mm x 60mm)

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