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Single Pad Side Slip Tester

Side Slip Tester

Vehicle Sideslip Tester inspects range ±20 m/km the axle wheel alignment between camber and toe while the vehicle is driven in a straight direction. The destressing plate guarantees a correct and accurate measurement.

The vehicle sideslip inspection table is used to detect the size and direction of the wheel slippage by using the left and right movement of the sliding plate during the straight-line driving of the front wheel of the motor vehicle, and judge whether it is qualified or not;

Features :

  1. Equipped with integrated structure, multi-roller support mechanism, dustproof and maintenance-free;
  2. Equipped with micro-processing high-precision displacement sensors, fully intelligent instruments, good reliability, easy operation and maintenance;
  3. Equipped with upper and lower bearing support mechanism, smooth sliding, equipped with bearing guide, roller support structure, small friction and free sliding;
  4. With analog/digital signal output interface, it is convenient to use in automatic detection system;
  5. Double slide (linkage or separate) and Single slide structure, to meet a variety of testing requirements;
  6. It is optional to install a quick reset device, double front axle steering vehicle inspection, which meets the requirements of GB38900-2020 for comprehensive inspection equipment;
  7. Sideslip Plate & Protection Frame integrated structure
  8. Sideslip plate locker with inner key
  9. Maintenance-free body design
  10. Galvanized plate surface for longer service life
  11. High precision sensor to ensure the exactitude of result
  12. Upper and lower Dual Bearing System makes smooth movement
  13. Options of synchronic or independent motion type for different regulation requirements
  14. Over-value alarm function
  15. RS-232 serial communication interface;
Side Slip Tester Bench


  1. Computerize (as option)
  2. Software (as option)
  3. Indicator Control Panel
  4. Dummy ramps for trucks (single or double Pad)

Specification :

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