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As one of the facilities used to carry out testing of motorized vehicles that can move from one location to another in serving the community, it is mandatory to test those far from the location of the Static Vehicle Inspection Station. In addition, this unit can also function as a means of inspecting motorized vehicles on the road in the framework of supervision.

From time to time we improve the design of this Mobile Test Unit so that both technical testing and test administration work can be carried out by users comfortably. And this design has received a recommendation from the Directorate General of Transportation

Car Service Unit and Roadworthiness Testing, we work with the Carrosserie company to provide the best design and choice to Workshops and the Automotive Industry for Mobile Roadworthiness Tests.

We will be ready to assist in the Design and Procurement of the Unit. Provide full support to partners in providing goods and services procurement services in an agency, in the form of training, commissioning, warranty, after sales services for the products we trade.

Features :

  1. Selection of 4 or more wheeled vehicles
  2. Silent generator
  3. Compressor
  4. Air Conditioner
  5. LED room lighting
  6. Tables and chairs
  7. Storage cabinets
  8. Vehicle side there is an Awning
  9. Yellow Light Bars
  10. Portable Test Equipment & Toolkits
  11. Radio and Horn, etc

Software Administration :

  1. Mobile Testing Information System which contains administration software for motor vehicle testing. By having staff in the IT field, it makes us more innovative with services that are constantly developing until now.
  2. The software that we offer is simple and easy to use for novice users in the IT world. Where the software can store vehicle data, history, and periodic test results.

Equipment Set :

  1. Portable Truck Scales
  2. Emission Gas Analyser
  3. Diesel Opacity Meter
  4. Portable Brake Meter
  5. Tint Tester
  6. Head Light Tester
  7. Portable Side Slip Tester
  8. Suspension Tester
  9. Brake Fluide
  10. Sound Level Meter
  11. Dot Peen Marking
  12. Under Vehicle Check
  13. Toolkits
  14. PC Windows
  15. Software Admin M-PKB
  16. Slugletter 8mm - 10mm
  17. Generator Setting
  18. Compresor
  19. AC single Blower & AC Split

Address :

Kayumanis-AMD28, Condet


+62 21 8015501

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