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Diniargeo Acessories LMD, LME, LMR


Easy Level Module

Transportable levelling modules, in aluminium, ideal for creating mobile or fixed axle weighing stations. Improve the accuracy of the weight reading, thanks to the optimal distribution of the load on the axles during weighing. Specific for WWSE and WWSD series platforms.


  1. Made entirely of aluminum, to resist against corrosion and weathering.
  2. Easy to carry, thanks to the carrying handle and built-in hinges that allow you to close the modules easily, reducing the overall dimensions to a minimum.
  3. For static and dynamic axle weighing applications.


  1. Aluminium structure.
  2. Maximum load capacity of the single module: up to 20t (per axle up to max. 40t).
  3. Single module dimensions:
    1. For WWSE: 990 x 59 x 700 mm (LxHxW)
    2. For WWSD: 650 x 59 x 900 mm (LxHxW)
  4. Non-slip surface for maximum grip on all types of surfaces.
  5. Carrying handle, with adjustable straps, as standard.
  6. Optional iron ramp to facilitate the ascent/descent of the vehicle.
  7. Ramp dimensions:
    1. For WWSE: 201 X 54 X 700 mm (LxHxW)
    2. For WWSD: 201 X 54 X 900 mm (LxHxW)


  1. "Easy level" kit composed by:
    1. 12 or 20 levelling modules
    2. 4 ramps

    for the creation of complete axle weighing stations.

  2. LMEK12: "Easy Level" kit, for WWSE. Consisting of 12 levelling modules and 4 ramps.
  3. LMDK18: "Easy Level" kit, for WWSD. Consisting of 20 levelling modules and 4 ramps.

Levelling modules for WWSE platforms

  1. LME: Aluminium levelling module, for WWSE. Dimensions: 990 x 59 x 700 mm (LxHxW).
  2. LMRE: Iron ramp, for LME levelling modules. Dimensions: 201 x 54 x 700 mm (LxHxW).

Levelling modules for WWSD platforms

  1. LMD: Aluminium levelling module, for WWSD. Dimensions: 650 x 59 x 900 mm (LxHxW).
  2. LMRD: Iron ramp, for LMD levelling modules. Dimensions: 201 x 54 x 900 mm (LxHxW).

WWSR: WWS pad ramp

Diniargeo Ramps Scales


  1. Ideal to facilitate the boarding and the alighting even for small wheels.
  2. Special vulcanised nonslip rubber applied under the ramp, for good grip on all types of surfaces.
  3. Sturdy structure, made ​​of special aluminum.
  4. Fitted with installation kit.
  5. Easily transportable, foldable on the platform.

Available versions

  1. WWSCR : Single aluminium ramp for WWSC. Dimensions 500x150x30mm
  2. WWSER : Aluminium ramp for WWSE. Dimensions 700x150x30mm.
  3. WWSDR : Single aluminium ramp for WWSD and WWSF. Dimensions 900x150x30mm.
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