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Axle Load Meter

Cosber Wheelo Load
Axle Load Tester

Vehicle Wheel Load Tester

KLZ Series Vehicle Wheel Load Tester is to measure the wheel load of a vehicle, the measured weighing value is an important factor for calculation of the brake efficiency.

wheel weight testing platform is used to measure the vertical load of each wheel of the vehicle, and calculate the wheel load data required for the vehicle, the braking efficiency of each axle and the wheel blocking rate during the braking test.

Widely used in automatic and semi-automatic inspection lines of automobiles in traffic safety supervision departments and in automobile maintenance industry, and also widely used in road and bridge management departments;

Features :

  1. It can measure the wheel quality, axle load quality and vehicle quality of the car;
  2. Split structure, stable measurement, easy installation, equipped with high-precision sensors; accurate measurement;
  3. Equipped with high-strength steel plate integrated table body, which is durable and easy to maintain;
  4. Fully intelligent instrument, with zero tracking function, standard RS-232 serial communication interface, convenient for networking;
  5. The instrument is equipped with a high-precision strain sensor, and the detection data is accurate and reliable;
  6. Quick drive-through testing mode
  7. Anti-slanting weighting design
  8. Accurate and stable measure
  9. Extra-strong structure boby
  10. Wheel load or axle load data display
  11. Standard RS-232 signal connection
Vehicle Wheel Load Tester

Include Accessories :

  1. Indicator panel display
  2. Mini printer
  3. Power supply
  4. Computerize (as option)
  5. Software (as option)
  6. Com-desk (as option)

Specification :

Vehicle Wheel Load Tester

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