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Telescopic Inspection

Cosber Check Under Vehicle
Telescopic Check Under Vehicle Inspection

Telescopic Inspection Under Vehicle System

V5-TVS300 is a complete inspection system for High corner detection. It includes 23mm camera head, 5" monitor and 4 joints of telescopic pole. The power supply is DC 12V. The control box aslo has built-in 2200mA battery.

Telescopic inspection camera systems Model: TVS-300 have a strong and extendable pole, high resolution camera and video viewing system. They are convenient for tasks such as roof and building inspections, aerial photography, gutter cleaning, wildlife surveying, tunnel and manhole inspection, heavy equipment inspection etc. The rigid flexible camera neck is very convenient to adjust the direction of the camera. The model TVS-300 not recording functions, so you can see only.

The camera can see more than 5 meters under total darkness with the lights on. The camera is IP68 waterproof.

Telescopic Check Under Vehicle

TVS-500DVR telescope camera enables inspecting places that are difficult to reach. Its great functionality and durability provide convenience of operation both during the day and at night, inside as well as outside.

Features :

  1. 23mm Flexible snake camera
  2. Built-in 2200mA battery
  3. 5inch TFT LCD monitor
  4. Telescopic pole min length is 1.67m; The max length is 5m
  5. Main Part 1: 23mm camera head
    1. Camera head size Ø23 x 320mm for pipe
    2. Camera head housing material stainless steel
    3. Camera lens cover material sapphire glass
    4. Sensor size 1/4 inch CMOS
    5. Field of view 120°
    6. Camera lighting 12 pcs high intensity white LED
  6. Main Part 2: Telescopic pole
    1. Pole material aluminum alloy
    2. 4 joints of telescopic pole
    3. The min length is 1.67m; The max length is 5m
  7. Main Part 3: Monitor
    1. 5 inch TFT LCD monitor
    2. Flexible snake connector easily to adjust the monitor direction
    3. Resolution 800 x 480
    4. Power supply DC 12V
  8. Carrying case
    1. Aluminum carrying case
    2. Total weight 1.5kg
    3. Unit operating temperature: -10 to 50°C, RH 95% maximum
    4. Storage temperature: - 20 to 70°C, RH 95% maximum

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