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Portable Scales

Dini Argeo Axle Load Scales
Portable Scales WWSF Wired Version


"WWSF" 900 x 700mm

Pads designed to create weighing stations for large vehicles (vans, trucks, tankers, tractor-trailers, etc.); particularly accurate and sturdy, with attention to details.

Load Capacity :

  1. WWSF10T-2 : 10000kg / single platform
  2. WWSF15T-2 : 15000kg / single platform
  3. WWSF20T-2 : 20000kg / single platform
  4. WWSF25T-2 : 25000kg / single platform

Features :

  1. Pad dimensions: 900 x 811mm.
    1. Height 75mm.
    2. Weight approximately: 67kg.
    3. Loading surface: 900 x 700mm.
  2. Fitted with double handles on both sides for easy handling.
  3. Fitted with wheels for pad transport.
  4. Sturdy structure, made in special alluminum, which guarantees lightness and makes these suitable also for harsh working conditions.
  5. 10 m PUR cable, with IP68 connector on platform side and new M12 connector on weight indicator side.
  6. IP68 stainless steel load cells.
  7. IP68 hermetic junction box.
  8. Special vulcanised nonslip rubber applied under the pad, for good grip on all types of surfaces.
  9. Extremely simple and reliable connection of the scale to the weight indicator.
  10. The WWS pads are patented; the number is 1.342.302.
  11. Available in legal for trade approved version.
  12. Available in high resolution version.
  13. Available upon price estimate in Atex version for 1&21 e 2&22 zones.

WWS-R: Additional on/off ramps

  1. Integrated folding ramps, useful to facilitate the boarding and the alighting of vehicles with small diameter wheels or moved with the engine off.
  2. Single aluminium ramp for WWSC. Dimensions 500 x 150 x 30 mm

"Easy level" kit

  1. LMDK18 "Easy Level" kit, for WWSD. Consisting of 20 levelling modules and 4 ramps.

Main connactable indicators

  1. DFWKRP-3 :
    1. For analogue WWS (WWS...-y) only. Indicator with transport case and integrated printer. Fitted with specific programme for vehicle weighing, 17-key keypad, backlit display and time/date. Available only in combination with Dini Argeo vehicle weighing systems (WWS, RWS, DTW, WBSA series)
  2. 3590EKR-3 :
    1. For analogue WWS (WWS...-y) only. Indicator with transport case, printer and AF09 software. 25-key keypad, LED display and backlit graphic LCD display. Available only in combination with Dini Argeo vehicle weighing systems (WWS, RWS, DTW, WBSA series).
  3. 3590ETKR-3 :
    1. For analogue WWS (WWS...-y) only. Touch screen indicator in transport case with printer, AF08 software. Colour display. Available only in combination with Dini Argeo vehicle weighing systems (WWS, RWS, DTW, WBSA series).


  1. AF03 :
    1. Software for weighbridges, input/output vehicle. For 3590 and CPW weight indicators.
  2. AF08 :
    1. Software for static wheel and axle weighing with 2 or more pads.
  3. AF09 :
    1. Software for dynamic and static axle weighing with 1 or 2 pads.


  1. The pads are for legal for trade use:
    1. In the single-pad systems, not used to weigh vehicles.
    2. In the wheel weighing systems in which the number of pads is equal to the number of vehicle wheels.
    3. In the axle weighing systems composed of one or more multiples of WWS pads, except possible limitations of use for some European States.
  2. The axle weighing systems with 2 WWS pads and a 3590E "AF09" weight indicator are OIML R134 certified for the dynamic vehicle weighing, according to the legal standards in force in the Country of use.
  3. The CE-M legal for trade divisions indicated in the "version" table are available with ECEM option. ECEM option is needed for each legal for trade pad of the system.
  4. Legal for trade systems with more than one WWS are fitted with the approval of the weight sum and related division:
    1. Example for a 4 pads system
    2. Single CE-M Pad: Max=1500kg and e=0,5kg
    3. CE-M SUM: Max=6000kg and e=2kg

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